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Girly Holiday Checklist

But before you step onboard, we need to do some pre flight gift checks!

For those of you, who are heading over to foreign shores, please make sure you have packed your Pink Universal Travel Adapter! Now ladies, remember that this is an important piece of kit. This pretty and pink Travel Adapter Kit is a practical plug in conversion kit, which enables you to plug in all your beauty and heated appliances whilst you're on your hols. I know you have packed your hairdryer, curling tongs, hair straighteners, shaver, iPod, phone, bathroom closet and every electrical appliance you own! So you are going to need this handy do it all in one plug, which can be detached and reattached to make up the relevant plug for over a hundred holiday destinations. So you can be preened and sun screened for your glamorous holiday abroad with this ultimate girly gadget!Before you get all your mates to sit on your suitcase to help zip it up, make sure you have packed the Fashion Emergency Kit. It's a fabulous kit that will save you from all those 'oh no she didn't' moments. Yes girlfriends, this is a 'must have' kit that definitely deserves some of your valuable handbag space. The Fashion Emergency Kit contains Glamour Tape for those wardrobe malfunctions, a face wipe for when you "Anadrol 50" have tried (and failed miserably) to reapply your makeup, and hand soap, well, to keep your hands clean! Also included are two plasters, for blisters or grazes from trying to keep up with the locals with all that shimmering salsa and samba dancing in those high heels! Masteron Subq A sewing kit is included in case you have the urge to darn some socks in the middle of a sumptuous meal in an ocean view restaurant. Only joking, they're in there just in case you pop a button or two, trying to see how low you can go, at limbo dancing on the beach! Two hair elastics complete the kit, which could come "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" in very handy if you have sunk a little too much sangria, hmm, enough said! All in all, the Fashion Emergency Kit is a great life (and embarrassment) saver, when out and about and away from home.

Ok, once you have managed to squeeze your suitcase shut, be sure to put some identification on it! The last thing we need is for it to go missing, so why not go for some suitcase chic with the Fancy Heels Luggage Tag Shoe Luggage Tag? Well a girl can never have too many shoes, and seeing "Anaboliset Aineet" as you have packed most of them in your suitcase, you may as well identify yourself as the ultimate "Anaboliset Aineet" 'shoe queen'. Jimmy Choo has nothing on these super stylish shoe shaped ID tags for your suitcase or bag! They are made from durable, stitched leatherette with a buckle strap to attach it to Sustanon 250 Benefits your case. Keeping track of everyone may prove to be Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve a task. So before you go, why not get each girl to personalise a t shirt with the jazzy T Shirt Graffiti Fabric Pens? They are a superb set of 8 "buy cheap jintropin online" brightly coloured permanent marker pens, which can be used on cotton and canvas. Customise a top with their name, nickname, or date of the trip. Or you could come up with a name for your posse; let your imagination go wild, just like your holiday's going to be, no doubt! Once you are happy with your artwork, it needs to air dry for 24hrs. Or if you have left it until the last minute, you can fix it by ironing it (better unpack the iron!) Once fixed, the colours are permanent and the garments can be washed as normal. This includes any trips into the sea or swimming pool too!

Ok, please fasten your seat belts; we're ready for takeoff. There is one more additional gift that some of you may wish to set your eyes upon, the Lavender Eye Mask. The Lavender Eye Mask is a gorgeously scented silk eye mask! Natural lavender has the power to relax tense eye muscles and soothe away tension headaches, so this pamper mask is ideal for those who are stressed out by flying. Simply pop this soft eye mask on and let the comfortable velvet padding gently pamper your eyes, whilst the fragrant lavender soothes your senses and helps you sleep. You will be so relaxed; you will have touched down at your desired destination without even knowing it!

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